How the Haymarket People’s Fund Backs Social Justice in New England

Maverick Pictures/shutterstock

In recent years, many philanthropic organizations have taken steps to embrace social justice as a more explicit part of their missions. However, some organizations have been working behind the scenes to promote justice for many decades and can be considered veterans in this regard.

One example is the Haymarket People’s Fund, which has given money to nearly every major social justice organization in New England since 1974. The Haymarket People’s Fund is based in Boston and worth a closer look for any social justice nonprofit operating in the region. It’s named after the 1886 Haymarket affair in Chicago, which helped pave the way for the eight-hour workday.

Sustaining grants

One of two kinds of grants that Haymarket offers is the sustaining grant, which supports urban and rural organizing across the region. Haymarket provides funding for both well-established groups involved in grassroots organizing as well as start-up and emerging organizations. Grants come in the form of both general operating support and project funding. They are for up to $15,000 each and should be oriented toward strengthening the anti-racist movement in New England.

Urgent response grants

Haymarket also provides urgent response grants of up to $5,000 to help organizations respond quickly to crises and unforeseen situations. The fund gives priority to organizations led by and serving communities of color in New England. It also prioritizes the needs of organizations with budgets under $300,000.

Beyond grantmaking

To further address the root causes of injustice, Haymarket does more than just award grants. It also engages in progressive donor organizing, working with all levels of donors to encourage giving to the communities most affected by injustice. Haymarket organizes workshops, annual grantee gatherings and other programs as part of its commitment to community organizing.

The Haymarket People’s Fund gives beyond just the city of Boston and is committed to organizations throughout the six New England states of Massachusetts, Connecticut, Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire and Rhode Island. To apply for a sustaining grant or urgent response grant, call or email the Haymarket staff with your request and to obtain an application. To learn more about this funder and how to get in touch with staff, check out IP’s full profile of the Haymarket People’s Fund in our Boston and New England Funding Guide.