Three Things to Know About the Mabel A. Horne Fund’s Giving in Massachusetts

Sergii Figurnyi/shutterstock

Boston is a hub for grantmaking in New England, and many foundations are exclusively focused on the Boston metro area and nearby communities in Massachusetts. One lesser-known example is also an accessible one for first-time grantseekers: the Mabel A. Horne Fund.

Read on for some key points about the Mabel A. Horne Fund and how to approach this Massachusetts funder for a grant.

1. There are three main topics of interest

The Mabel A. Horne Fund has three specific interest areas: health, human services and education. Its most recent health grantees include the Lowell Community Health Center and MetroWest Free Medical Program.

Meanwhile, human services grants have gone to the Berkshire Food Project, United Way of Tri-County, Family Nurturing Center and Merrimack Valley Food Bank. The Horne Fund’s education grantees include Literacy Lab and the Esperanza Academy.

2. It awards multiple types of support

Massachusetts grantseekers can secure multiple types of support from the Horne Fund in each grant cycle. The fund most commonly awards general operating support and program support. However, it also considers funding small, program-related capital expenses. Most Horne Fund grants are one year in duration, although the funder occasionally considers multiyear support for grantees it is familiar with.

3. Bank of America manages the foundation

The Horne Fund does not have its own website or professional staff. Instead, Bank of America Philanthropic Solutions manages this foundation and handles its grantmaking. That’s good news for grantseekers, since it means the fund has a straightforward and accessible grant process. The annual application deadline at the Horne Fund is January 15, and it notifies applicants of its decisions before May 31.

The application process is conducted online, and prospective applicants can contact a Bank of America representative by email with any questions. Recently, the foundation has been awarding between 20 and 30 grants per year, almost all to organizations based in Massachusetts.

You can find more information about the Mabel A. Horne Fund in IP’s full profile of this funder, which is part of our Boston and New England funding guide.